Mike Hatcher


When asked to describe himself in one word, Hatch chooses the word “Direct.” His quick-witted and honest responses, given with a touch of sarcastic humor, can simultaneously be enlightening and polarizing.

Hatch is currently working as a Battalion Chief in a large metro department in Georgia. Since 1992 (all with the aforementioned department), he has served in every position up to his current one. He also works for a part-time fire department as a firefighter.

In his pursuit of advancement within the department, he became intrigued by what he saw as the courage of great leaders to do or say what was right instead of what was convenient.  Inspired by those examples, Hatch began collaborating with a network of firefighters within the metro area to provide venues for officer and character development within the fire service.

He is currently pursuing a Fire science degree at West Georgia Technical College and looks to continue his formal education in Homeland Security. And Shane, Pabel, and Bill would like everyone to know that Hatch's hair is the only coiffure in the group to have it's own name: "Strands of Steel."