Why A Podcast?

It's a pretty simple idea. The four of us get together for dinner or whatever, and we end up having these epic discussions about the fire service, leadership, or something else. At the end, we can't remember half of what we've covered, but we all feel really good for having the debate.

So we wanted to bring those conversations (the kind that used to happen around the kitchen table at the fire station) and put them out where more people could interact. The hope is that we can generate some good conversations. Some healthy debate.

We're not experts on any of this. That's the whole point. As a matter of fact, some of what we've suggested in the past during our episodes might just get you into trouble. But the point is, talk about it, think it through, and then figure out where you are with what we're saying. Take it to the station and ask your fellow firefighters. Find out where they are. Keep the conversation going.


putting a face to the voice