Recommended by pabel and Bill


Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Pabel Says: A must read for all. This book is VERY applicable to all of us. Navy SEAL principles on having extreme ownership over everything you do. I don’t want to give too much away because I feel this book will impact everyone who reads it. It gives you daily lessons learned and their application to business. Both the military and business lesson can be applicable to us.

Pabel Recommends this book for all ranks

Bill Says: This book was recommended to me by Pabel. Like I've said in other reviews, I reflexively cringe a little when I pick up a Navy SEALs book. When folks involved in a "secret" organization are willing to spill their guts, I'm worried about what the motivation is. To these authors' credit, their preface addresses that exact concern.

I have also previously questioned how much leadership it takes to lead a group of top performers. In other words, "What lessons can they possibly have on leadership when they haven't had to deal with that firefighter I've got at Station X?" One of the authors, Jocko Willink spoke to this during a podcast in which he says that contrary to conventional wisdom, the SEALs actually have poor performers. Apparently, you can get through all that training and still not be good for the teams.

Anyway, this book didn't blow me away, but there was some stuff in it that I liked a lot. They present the idea that if you have a problem boss, it isn't your bosses' problem but yours. I'm still chewing over where I ultimately settle on this concept, but I embrace their idea of extreme ownership.

Bill Recommends this book for Officers