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Leadership Lessons Of The Navy SEALs by Jeff Cannon and Lt. Cmdr. Jon Cannon

Over the last two years I've met three strangers, who in conversation (and without any prompting) told me that they were former Navy SEALs. Now, one of two things must be happening: either these men are claiming to be something they aren't, or there are many more SEALs than I thought there were, and they all want to tell everyone about the formerly secret organization that they were part of. I believe that either of those two scenarios is the result of the general public becoming more aware of special forces.

That's why I was initially very reluctant to read this book. It was actually one of those Amazon recommendations based on some other book I had purchased. I took a shot and bought it, but thought that it would be an empty book trading off the popularity of the Navy SEALs moniker. I couldn't have been more wrong.

More than any of the other leadership books I've detailed on this page, this book is a very clear and concise list of what a leader should do. This book is awesome. Chapter 1 Lesson 6: "Build Your Goal Around A Problem, Not The Other Way Around." Simple and profound when you think about it. And there's plenty more where that came from.

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