Recommended by Bill and shane


Lincoln On Leadership by Donald T. Phillips

Shane says: I really enjoyed this book and I’ve always been intrigued with Lincoln. I use one of his tactics on communication (or lack of communication!) frequently. Often I will point my initial thoughts down on a particular subject (I may not be in the best mood at the time) and then simply walk away, eventually coming back to never send the correspondence. I think it’s very therapeutic and ultimately keeps me from something I regret.

Bill says: This entry on the "________ On Leadership" books that have flooded the Business sections of your local bookstore is actually very worth the read. I gauge how much I like a book based on how much I have highlighted. At the end of this one, I had quite a lot in orange.

The author's lessons on leadership are illustrated with very entertaining and often humorous stories of Lincoln and many of the things he wrote and said. It's a really easy read. This book is obviously all about "leadership," but I'm recommending it for all ranks, because it is so easy to read and understand. And because [say it with me] "We're all leaders."

Recommended for all ranks