Episode 002 - Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Toughness with Pabel Troche

With a unscripted (and unedited) podcast like ours, you don't really know where the conversation is going to go. We always start our podcasts with a single question for our guest. Our "jumping off point" for this week's discussion with Captain Pabel Troche is, "How do you take the format and lessons of a non-firefighting class and turn them into a successful class for firefighters?"

A few years ago Captain Troche participated in a military style endurance challenge and from that saw an opportunity to make the fire service stronger by adapting it for firefighters. From that starting point we talk about the ideas of quality people, individual vs. team training, the fire service as a "forced marriage," firefighter addiction, PTSD, and the organic nature of a class. And like most good conversations, at the end you find yourself wondering how you ended up where you did.