Igniting Spontaneous Banter

Episode 004 - Getting The Nod with Captain Rick Meyers

From the left: Hatch, Meyers, Dobson, and Voorhies

From the left: Hatch, Meyers, Dobson, and Voorhies

When Rick Meyers pounds his fist on an iron table, the table sits up and listens. And you should too. For this episode of Combustible, we sit down to talk to retired Captain Rick Meyers, who has taught Forcible Entry almost every year at MAFFC as a co-founder of East Coast Rescue Solutions. Captain Meyers, who may have retired from riding rigs, maintains his passion for the fire service by teaching firefighters at conferences across the country.

During our conversation (the longest yet for our young podcast) we talk with Rick about:

  • Being a Boss
  • Working Outside of Your Comfort Zone
  • The Importance of Having a Trade
  • Education vs. Experience
  • Credibility and Endorsements (Getting The Nod)