Episode 029 - Wives Hang In The Balance


We’ve joked that this was possibly the most dangerous podcast we’ve ever recorded. Turning the microphones on and encouraging our wives to turn the filters off was a little bit of a risk, since we didn’t know what they would say, but it’s a risk we’re really glad we took.

Our wives, Shannon (Shane), Robin (Hatch), Nicole (Pabel), and Paula (Bill) tackle how they’ve dealt with us, our careers, and the effects it has had on life. Holidays celebrated at the fire station. Missed birthdays and anniversaries. Multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. Stress bleeding over into the home. These wives have seen a lot of it, and are speaking candidly about the things they did right, and the things they did wrong trying to negotiate those challenges.

We hope that our firefighter listeners take this opportunity to hear a different perspective from spouses who have been part of the fire service for going on two decades and definitely have insight on how to survive. We also hope some of our regular listeners take the opportunity to encourage their spouses to listen in and realize that a lot of the stresses they are feeling aren’t theirs alone.

And a big thank you to our wives. Without them, this life we’ve chosen and this very podcast would never have been possible.