Episode 036 - Am I A Good Firefighter? (What Makes A Good Firefighter Part 2)


This episode wasn’t intended to be an episode, but sometimes we have private discussions and the “record” button gets pushed. This was the conversation that followed our previous episode, “What Makes A Good Firefighter.” When we ended that episode, we couldn’t stop talking about the subject. If you haven’t listened to that episode yet, we suggest you start there.

Where in the previous episode we debated what makes a good firefighter, we now turn the magnifying glass and assess what we think about ourselves as firefighters. What follows is perhaps the most honest conversation we’ve put out yet. We admit some really uncomfortable stuff, but that’s what this whole thing is about, right? Combustible was started because we wanted to capture those honest discussions we have around the station kitchen table. This episode is the closest we’ve gotten to that goal so far. Let us know what you think.