Episode 020 - Moneyballing It: Leadership Lessons Of The Film Moneyball

Moneyball is the story of the Oakland Athletics' 2002 season; a season in which General Manager Billy Beane used the unconventional theory of "Sabrmetrics" to field a competitive team. It's a compelling sports film filled with drama, humor, and suspenseful moments that was nominated for Best Picture. But we also think it's a really good movie for the fire service.

On the surface, the team's situation at the beginning of the film is quite similar to many of our own departments: you are expected to field a winning team while being challenged by a lack of staffing, equipment, support, etc. But if you watch the film with your leadership lenses on, you start to realize there are real leadership lessons in this film. Billy Beane does a lot right and a little bit wrong as he tries to get everyone to buy in to his new idea.

Through this discussion, we take our favorite leadership moments in the film and talk about what we think, how the lessons can be applied, and how we (like Billy Beane) fall short in our execution from time to time.